Saturday, May 19, 2018

Laboring down

Pushing can be very exhausting but it doesn't have to be. If you have an epidural you may not feel an urge to push. Even when you are 10 centimeters dilated, it's best to wait until you have a strong urge to push. By sitting up and changing positions, you can let your body do the work and bring the baby down naturally until you have a strong urge to push.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Its your body and your baby

It's best to let nature take its course and let your body go into labor naturally. Many woman elect to be induced which can lead to longer labors, infection, hemorrhage, cesarean section and other problems for mom and baby. Induction of labor should only occur if there is a MEDICAL reason to be induced. Convenience is not a medical reason. High blood pressure, low amniotic fluid, postdates, are just a few reasons. ACOG has other information on this for woman. If someone is worried about how big the baby is, ask for an ultrasound for fetal weight. Ive seen people have a c-section for a expected 9 lb baby that turns out to be 6 lb baby that could have been delivered vaginally. Ultrasounds can be off a pound or so.

Baby safety tips!

It is not recommended to post birth announcements in your front yard or on social media. Safeguard your home and pools BEFORE the baby comes home from the hospital.

Baby Safety tips

You are the only one that can protect your newborn baby heres a few tips: Never leave your baby alone on a bed or changing table they can fall off and get seriously injured. Never let sick people around your baby, the baby's immune system is not fully developed and they can get very sick. Always have anyone touching your baby wash their hands first! Minimize visitors in the hospital so you can rest and get to know your baby and take advantage of all the information your nurses will share with you.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Recovery from CS

Did you know that the recovery from a C-Section is much harder than a vaginal delivery? Elective C-Sections for first time moms should only be done when medically indicated.

Risk of elective induction of labor

Did you know some risk of induction include uterine rupture, infection, hemorrhage and need for epidural, c-section, forceps and vacuum delivery?

Elective Induction of labor

Many women choose to have their labor induced for no medical reason. It's better to go into labor naturally unless there is a medical indication. It's also best for you and your baby to go to at least 39 weeks.