Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cesarean Sections on Demand?

The natural way to deliver a child is vaginally. However, there are some indications where a cesarean section is medically advisable. Some of these conditions may be placenta previa, multiple births, previous uterine surgery, abnormal presentation such as a breech, a large baby documented by ultrasound, or other maternal or neonatal conditions determined by your physician. There are risks and benefits to all procedures which should be discussed with your health care provider. Some complications of surgery may include, but are not limited to are bleeding, infection, bowel or bladder trauma, as well as complications of anesthesia.
Some women today simply do not want to go through labor and are demanding a elective cesarean section. Generally once you have a c-section, you will usually continue to have one for future pregnancies. A cesarean section is major surgery. It cost more than a vaginal delivery and the hospital stay is usually longer. There are more risk involved and the recovery is longer. So before making this choice be sure to discuss this with your health care provider. Remember you not only have to recover from major surgery, you also have to take care of newborn baby.