Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Getting labor induced

It is always better to go into labor on your own. Getting induced just because your tired of being pregnant is not a good idea. Forcing labor can expose you to many complications such as infection, bleeding just to name a few, as well as complications to the baby. If induction is medically indicated by your provider, then induction is recommended. Some indications may be high blood pressure, diabetes, low amniotic fluid to name a few.

Pregnant and going on vacation

If your traveling, be sure to get a copy of your prenatal record to have with you at ALL times in the event you need to seek care away from home. You can save money on many diagnostic test, blood work, ultrasounds and other cost you may inquire if needed by providing your information on your record.

Fetal movement

Being aware of your baby's movement is very important. Any change or decrease in movement should be reported to your healthcare provider. For more information check out firstcandle.org for fetal kick count charts.